Kathryn Guylay and Beth Bell may not know one another even though they both belong to one of the most giving heart centered influential groups around, The Evolutionary Business Council, but  aside from that connection, they  DO have several things in common- They are both entrepreneurs, they both are deeply involved in giving back to their communities and the world at large.  Both ladies are entreprenuers, both radio hosts and both authors and here is where the split begins.

Kathryn Guylay is the founder of Nurture, a non profit that serves up nutrition, recipes and more to 10’s of thousands of kids and parents in both Spanish and English.  In fact, Kathryn and her daughter were invited to lunch with Michelle Obama at the White House when her recipe won a Nationwide contest for a Healthy Lunch recipe for school. Kathryn is the author of 6 books and is currently working on her 7th.  She has a new program titled Make it Fun and she has 4 pillars she is enthusiastic about- 1) Make Publishing Fun, 2) Make Nutrition Fun, 3) Make Wellness Fun and 4) Make Entrepreneurship fun.

Beth Bell is a Flower Whisperer and Sipper..( tune in to find out more about that). After photographing flowers as a passion, Beth came to find out she is actually a Channel for their messages, which she turned into a book titled, Flower Power 4 Pure Love,”.

Beth traded in her 15+-year corporate career and moved to Bali where she is living her mission and  “Pollinating the Planet with Love” through her inspirational jewelry line and flower inspired collection of products at Blossom B.L.I.S.S. Bali.

Her radio show “Empowering Pure Love & Purpose” provides life journey lessons and pearls of wisdom to empower others.