Lynda Todd was nominated to be the 2018 Chair for  National Accessibility Week in Peterborough, Ontario, beginning May 27th thru June 2nd. Why? Because while she is legally blind, she is a prolific volunteer and Champion for those with Disabilites.

Lynda Todd and Co Chair/Co Coordinator, Alec Denys, Lynda and Alec created a program they call Active Together Adventures. This program is designed to bring those living with disability a reason to get out of their house and try something new, even if that something is curling, sledge hockey, archery, or waterskiing.  They just added billiards and golf is next on the agenda.

Curling Coordinator Jon Thurston claims, that athletics is something that has helped him tremendously while learning to live as a paraplegic after a work place accident left him permanently in a wheelchair. Today, Jon is waterskiing and looking forward to bungie jumping. .

Alec Denys has travelled the World and won many world championship archery awards, in fact he just set a new Ontario record in archery!

Alec’s wish for the Disabled is that people STOP looking at the disabled part and START looking at their abilities. The ONLY limits they have are the ones OTHERS put on them.

Lynda Todd is an adrenaline junkie. She loves to ride Tandem bikes, pistol shoot, ride horses, throw an axe and only recently, learned to walk with a cane by the CNIB.

Their program Council for Persons with Disabilities is a non-profit charitable organization which does receive some funding from the government but their TIMS program, TIME In MY SHOES, does not. This is a program where Lynda and friends will go into a school and bring ‘props’ so that young people can see what it is like to live with what she calls, “inconveniences”. .