FrankieSense host Frankie Picasso was excited to interview Kama Linden and Cindy Bartz this week.

Kama Linden  is a musician, actor and passionate fitness instructor who has been teaching fitness for over 2 decades. She has taught strength, step, pilates, vinyasa yoga, senior fitness, and has worked with clients and students of all ages and fitness levels. She is certified by AFAA Group Exercise and NASM CPT, as well as 200 hour Yoga. She has a BFA in Dance from University of the ARTS and she brings all her knowledge and passion to the COUCH Potatoes with the launch of her new book, Healthy things You can Do in Front of the TV.

Kama shows you step by step how you can work in a workout when you don’t feel like doing one. Cindy Bartz is the Founder and CEO of InterConnections. She is a self-published author, speaker and coach specializing in Yoga, Qigong and Food-Healing. 3 years ago, Cindy was diagnosed with Osteopenia a diagnosis that came as a real shock to her. As a Fitness and Yoga instructor, Cindy  who ate healthy, thought she had strong bones as she worked out all the time. The pharma drug her doctor prescribed made her feel really ill, so Cindy took it upon herself to find her own cure.

Today, her Signature Program is Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally and her intention is to support anyone who is  on a journey to improve their  own health and well-being. She teaches and coaches people of all ages both in her private studio as well as virtually to people around the globe.  I was recently fortunate enough to be a speaker at Cindys’