Can you imagine sending someone you love, especially yourself, off to work at a place where the team is always friendly, supportive, and inclusive. Where learning, growing, and achieving are part of the natural curriculum, and nary a complaint is heard? Does this sound like your dream? Then let me introduce you to a place where dreams come true.

It is a place where you belong to a team where no one is jealous of you, a helping hand is perpetually stretched out for you, and you are admired for being exactly who you authentically are. Where everyone is welcome and equal — female, male, nonbinary and beyond.

Now get ready, because once you join their ranks, your inbox will be inundated with the most gracious, complimentary, and sincere messages that will make you feel like a group of old friends are welcoming you home! I can promise that you didn’t fall down the rabbit hole, what you are experiencing is the exceptional and’ highly coveted’ culture that is Girl Power Talk!

Girl Power Talk is a place where traditional barriers like gender, age, background, or typical notions of experience and degree culture do not exist.  Whether you are 14 years old or 40, this is a place you can develop yourself to achieve your full potential. Moreover, the young leaders here respond to this growth culture with an enthusiastic “Yes” and a “thank you for this opportunity”, instead of the typical groan many employees or teens emit when asked to do something extra.

Did I mention that this is a place of business, where young leaders are created, and their smiles never stop? One leader described it as a “fairy-godmother of a workplace, where work feels like your fun time.” This family is a meritocracy, where money, grades and influence are not the currency that will get you into this unique environment. Regardless of which continent you live on, if your family is rich or poor, or your education wasn’t a priority, Girl Power Talk is looking for potential, passion and heart. The people who go into this system and come out as empowered individuals are enthusiastic to pay it forward and create the next young leader who can mentor another. So now that your objections have been answered, do you want to know how can you be a part of this incredible culture? Come on, I’ve been waiting for you to ask. What took you so long?

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, work hard and begin the climb towards becoming the future leader we know you can be, a real change agent for humanity and someone who will one day walk with confidence into any boardroom across the Globe, then get ready to show Girl Power Talk who you are.
Fill out their thought provoking application form, and get ready to join the most innovative workspace on the planet.

If you or someone you know, is ready to change their life, is invigorated by a challenge, and wants to better the lives of others, then welcome to your future. It starts by clicking the link, ,
Do not stop, just keep going, you can do it. Write with your heart, until you have finished, and then push send!

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