Join host Frankie Picasso on Thursday April 14th when she is joined by Steve J Manning, son of two Holocaust Survivors, who  will explore the topic of Antisemitism, Steve  was born and grew up in Communist  Romania until his teen years when the family went to Rome and suffered near homelessness. They finally made it to LA where they made their new home in USA.
Steve is an author, professional speaker and thought leader. His recent Crystal Clear and Auschwitz and Ukraine blogs not only explore this important topic but also the growing plague of all manner of late.
‘Steve is also an entrepreneur and throughout  his direct marketing career, has  sold some $47 billion worth of consumer products thru his client campaigns including those for ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries, and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

His latest book, PIMPS WHORES AND PATRONS OF VIRTUE, is a collection of stories, satires, essays and ideologies about the human condition and spirit.  Steve believes that being Politically correctness is the most corrosive cancer of the intellect, so he never is!!!