Join Mission Unstoppable host Frankie Picasso as she interviews guest Jordan Mathews, a man who really does deserve the title of Unstoppable. Despite the odds, or maybe because of them, Jordan has never let anything change his focus or eye on the prize regardless of whether it seems impossible or not. Barely 20 years old, Jordan raised 600 million dollars in capital for a Movie deal he was starring in. At 29, married, with one child and another on the way, Jordan lost everything and decided to go to Law School. Against all odds, as he didn't have an undergrad degree, but he passed the LSAT, talked the only University in the Country that could accept him into taking a chance on him and one semester later transferred with a 4 point grade to Pepperdine University graduating in 3 years instead of 4 while taking an MBA simultaneously. If that wasn't enough, one of, if not his first case as a trial lawyer was representing the plaintive in the case against Steve Wynn , hotel and casino magnate. He filed RiCO charges against him taking the case all the way to the Supreme court and wining a 7.5 million dollar settlement for his client. He works for Weinberg Gonser LLB as a litigation and trial lawyer with high end clients from the entertainment sector. . Jordan is also the author or Failure- When You Have Nothing You Have Everything.