Check out this interview on Mission Unstoppable with host Frankie Picasso- its with Small Town, Creator/Executive Producer Debra De Liso and Producer Suzanne Paschall about the movie Small Town- An Idea whose Time is NOW!!

In a small desert town there exists a Cantina- Madame Wu’s is home to Lorraine and her daughter Lacy. Lorraine is a drunk who fancies herself an exotic dancer. She’s also a mom who doesn’t want her daughter anywhere near the stage. . Across town is her nemesis, the organist at the Church. Wilma..a self righteous God fearing woman whose ambition is to close the Cantina for good.

Just like any good mother, they BOTH want whats best for their children but what if whats best for their kids is against EVERYTHING they both believe in?

Currently, Small Town is being crowdfunded and if you want to become an angel investor, now is your chance. There’s cool prizes to be won and a chance to be in the film ­čÖé
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