The Good Radio Network -‘Radio that does a World of Good’ (TGRN), is a Radio Network breaking ground in the field broadcasting.

No matter where you live, in a big city or tiny village, a harbor or a mountain top, if you are able to receive an internet signal, we invite you to join Team Good!.

The Good Radio Network is unlike any Radio Station you have ever tuned into or turned on. Like Venus rising from the Ocean floor, we look forward to The Good Radio Network rising above the sea of Internet Radio Stations to become a LEADER in the world of Social Radio.

Yup we have gone Social, and I don’t mean joining Facebook and Twitter, although you will find us there too. Instead, I mean Founder Frankie Picasso is hand picking her ‘dream team’ of Radio Hosts, a group of socially conscious advocates who go beyond talking about what’s wrong in the world and go directly to finding solutions to fix the issues at hand.

The Good Radio Network advocates for a socially conscious world and we are purposeful and driven to that end. While we are a TALK radio station, we recognize, ‘Talk is Cheap’ and wanted to create a different landscape for our network. ACTION is what gets things done and we Activists- in a good way!

The Good Radio Network - Radio That Does the World of Good!

The Good Radio Network -‘Radio that does a World of Good’ (TGRN), is a Radio Network breaking new ground in the field broadcasting.

Following Gandhi’s lead, we ARE the Change we wish to see in the World and we are a coming to you.

As we nurture our listening audience with the best in positive programming we also will be helping those in need in real and tangible ways. Who would have thunk it? It’s kinda like Peanut butter and jelly, it just goes together. Radio that helps!

We want to leave this world a better place because we can. We are passionate and compassionate, two attributes that will add to our sustainability. We are Visionaries in Action. Our goal is to make a difference in a world, and with your help we can.

We are not tree huggers or hippies, Christians or zealots. We are ordinary every day people who wish to do more than just wish things were different. We can give comfort where it is needed and assistance where it is deserved. Again, our goal is simple- Make a difference, change a life, and be the change we wish to see in the World. Whether the recipients in need are human, animal, fish or fowl it matters not. We will be there to advocate for their care, and make the connections we can to help those we choose and those we can.

Born from one woman’s vision for a positive radio station that could be used as a vehicle for advocacy, The Good Radio Network (TGRN) has been brought to life and is delivering goodness across the world.

This really is social media at its best!

Each day that our radio hosts take to the AIR, TGRN will literally be changing lives. On any given day we may be helping the environment, or save abused animals. We may be responsible for food, clothing and medical attention making its way to an orphanage in Rwanda or a life altering surgery taking place on a floating hospital in the Congo. We may save the life of a dog or cat about to be euthanized at a Kill shelter and send that animal on to be trained as a service or comfort animal for a vet suffering from PTSD. Every day emergencies arise and we can be there to lend a hand but we need your help to do it.

Hey, we may not be able to save EVERYONE, but we will definitely put our best effort forward to help those we can and give to causes that touch our hearts.

Whether we are addressing an emergency situation or an ongoing project, our goal is for our hosts, sponsors, listeners and management team at The Good Radio Network to each have a say in who they feel compelled to assist, who needs our attention today, tomorrow, or the following weeks, months and/or on a yearly agenda. For some causes, we will be short term allies, for others we may be long term caregivers.

Our ‘assistance’ may come in the way of money, it might be ‘in kind’ contribution, it might be a phone call to someone who is a friend of a friend or it may even result in a social media campaign, but whichever form our Care takes, we pledge to be accountable to all of our supporters.

Here at The Good Radio Network – Radio that does a World of Good, we are really looking forward to providing our listeners programming that will be positive, intelligent, fresh and fun. Each of our hosts will be carefully culled for their talents and ‘fit’ for our network requirements.

We really hope that as we come into your homes, cars or workplace and touch your lives and your hearts, that you in turn will wish to get you involved with us as Benefactors with a Capital B or as Ambassadors of Good Will.

Our goal is to lead the change we wish to see in the world and yes we are looking for like minded individuals like you to come on board as Broadcasters, Sponsors, Listeners, Advertisers, and/or Recipients of our Good Intentions!