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Living Happy Inside Out with the Ambassador of Happiness, Maura Sweeney


Maura Sweeney is an Author, Podcaster, International Speaker and Huffington Post Blogger. She is also the Trademarked Ambassador of Happiness transforming her “Living Happy – Inside Out” mantra into a global voice. A popular media guest featured on NBC-TV, Britain’s BBC and over 100 outlets around the world, she lectures on Identity, Influence and Leadership. Passionate about people from every background, Maura inspires others to become their happiest and most authentic selves. Her insightful questions and personal stories unite and uplift, helping us see what’s best in ourselves -- and others, too.

The Maura Sweeney: Living Happy Inside Out podcast is specifically designed for you to begin living happy from the inside out. With reflective questions, anecdotal stories and encouraging thoughts, Maura empowers you toward transformation, reinvention and personal growth. Because Maura focuses on the thought life, she's been described as spirituality centered, philosophy focused and self-help oriented. However, when listening to her podcasts, you’ll quickly realize that Maura’s inspiring messages are always 4u!


Maura Sweeny in pink sweater, finding happiness where she goes

123 Help

his podcast delves deeper into the cry for help, viewing it from an an alternate angle and a more encouraging, perspective.

Your call for help may actually indicate something quite positive.

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122 The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule, the credo that reminds us to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us?

Many of us agree that The Golden Rule sounds great in theory. Over time, however, we discover that people around us don’t always abide by it

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120 Angry or Aspiring to Love

I convey the surprising role of love in dissipating negative emotions and paving a path to the awareness of love, grace and peace.

Your experiences with negative, fear-based emotions may arise from a variety of sources.

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119 Integrity

In this latest podcast, I take up the definitions of integrity. Not only do they include honesty and moral uprightness, but definitions for integrity speak to a person’s state of being “whole” or undivided.

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117 Who or What Are You Protecting

Are you protecting someone, or something, to your own detriment? We can all train ourselves to believe in something quite strongly. We may adamantly protect a person, a belief or even a dogma, even when such protection proves...

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