Bright and beautiful, the child known as Fat Mary, lived atop a cold mountain range, the  Usambara Mountains of Tanzania, in East Africa. She lived with strict Catholic Nuns, who never let her forget she was a child of sin, a mixed race child, unwanted by both the blacks and whites.

Mary waited and prayed for years for her Mother to come, for someone to shower her love, someone to stop the beatings, and feed her every hungry belly.

Mary had an exceptional mind and realized that being a top student would be her way out of the orphanage and just maybe to a real school and a real life.

Nhambu is a an inspiring author, educator, dancer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who would become known around the world.
She is the author of The Dancing Soul Trilogy, the auto -biographical books titled Afrikas’ Child, Americas Daughter and Drum Beats and Heart Beats. Maria has also made it her mission to share her love of Africa, its culture and rhythms with America and based on the African dances she learned as a child, she created a popular fitness program called of Aerobics With Soul®

Her books include, Afrika’s Child, America’s daughter, Drum Beats Heart Beats. She is now known as Nhambu