Last month I introduced you to Lisa Dickey, a young wife and mother whose  challenges include living with Muscular Dystrophy, a child with severe autism and Stage 4 Cancer.  I titled that show, Living and Dying Like a Super Hero.

Lisa has bravely met each of her challenges head on, with courage and grace. In fact her whole family is incredibly positive, open and unpretentious. Matt her husband is my POSTER BOY for Sweetest Husband EVER!!! When Lisa’s long dark hair, fell out and left her bald, she had a difficult time looking at herself in the mirror and seeing anything beautiful. Matt turned to her and told her to let his eyes be her mirror because in them she will find her beauty  reflected back at her from his loving eyes.

During a fund raiser I helped organize last month, Lisa’s 10 yr old daughter Julia came up to me and THANKED ME for helping her mother. I was incredibly moved by her maturity and sincerity.

Lisa’s purple cast

Unfortunately,   between the MD, the steroids and the Chemo, Lisa has about 10 percent strength left in her legs and uses a  wheel chair most of the time, however yesterday, somehow when she stood up, she  fell down and  managed to break her leg. She was diagnosed  with a spiral fracture of her tibia.

WOW!!! Lisa..My heart goes out to you and my prayers as well. I hope you all will join me in praying for Lisa’s bones to knit and repair themselves quickly, her strength to return to all her limbs so that she can have wonderful summer with her family and children she has been  planning in her head.

In Lisa’s blog she mentioned a moment with her daughter Julia,  who asked her mom bluntly ” Are you going to die?” In counseling, Lisa was told to tell her children the truth, so when Julia asked, she admitted YES she was.

I already told you what an amazing young girl Julia is, but  she totally  blew me away with her response. Lisa wrote that Julia responded with “Well, we better enjoy our time together.  Is there anything you really want to do with your life?” Lisa writes, “I had the privilege of teaching her about bucket lists as we dreamed and giggled over our own lists.  She acted as my secretary as she prompted me to think about the things that would be bring me joy.  I’m pleased with our bucket list.

Celebrate my cousin’s wedding ✔
Go to a hotel with family
Renew mommy and daddy’s vows
Publish one of Mama’s books
Go on a helicopter ride
Collect Willow Tree figurines
Have a magical Christmas
Go on a boat ride
Go on a horse drawn carriage ride
Make a scrapbook together

Guess I still have a lot of living to do, eh?  *Guess SO LISA..!!!