Do you suffer from an auto- immune disease or is stress causing havoc on your body? Meet Bianca Ricoy and Rob Lowe.
Bianca Ricoy is a mom, writer, meditation teacher, and advocate for holistic health. She became certified as a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition after curing herself of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and today is on a Mission to transform healthcare by empowering individuals to embody mindfulness and meditation in a conscious effort to eliminate lifestyle diseases, reduce medication dependency, and create whole and healthy communities
Rob Lowe is a nurse and has been in traditional healthcare for years as both management and practicing RN. After stress caused him to get Balls Palsy he decided a lifestyle change was in order. After reading about people doing amazing things in the world, Rob decided to join them and created The Giving Back Radio show. Launched on the Fourth of July in 2016, the Giving Back podcast shines the spotlight on people and organizations making a difference in their communities.
Rob is conscious of his body now and manages his stress so he will never get Bells Palsy from ever returning. Listen to how they did it