During the 1970’s when the BEST MUSIC on the planet was being written and recorded, many of the BIG artists of the day, could be found at A & R Records, laying down tracks under the engineering artistry of legendary Sound man Phil Ramone.

17 year old Glenn Berger was thrilled to be  have been hired by A & R even thought he started out as a “tape schlepper”.  A Tape Schlepper was a guy who would bring fresh tapes and take away  recordings from one A&R Studios to another. Glenn has to walk the streets of  New York City  with these treasures and make sure each studio was set up for the days recordings. Being motivated and a quick study, Glenn got into the groove of the studio and the music. He was in awe of the many artists who walked through the doors back then, but of course he had to play it cool, even when that guy was Frank Sinatra or Mick Jagger.

Glenn became the assistant engineer to Phil Ramone, a scary position to work in as Phil had a reputation for chewing up his assitants, but he liked Glenn and it seemed to work for both of them.

Glenn had a magic touch and worked day and night, living on drugs and booze, like a lot of 20 year olds back then. The Rule at A & R was to never say NO, and Glenn took that to heart. As his reputation grew, he began to work with  artists like Bob Dylan (now a Nobel Prize winner!), Bette Midler, Bob Fosse, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, Phoebe Snow and Steely Dan.

Glenn became a producer and worked with Paul Simon on his 1975 abum “Still Crazy After All These Years,”  and describes the singer as callous, unsympathetic and snobbish. Glenn also worked with Bob Fosse on his track ALL that Jazz.

Never Say NO to a Rock Star, is a tell all account of his years at A & R records. Today Glenn is a psychotherapist, a husband and father.